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Practical suggestions that could link a generational gap

One of the blessings of getting older is we may develop an identity in which we find our voice, perhaps new perspectives, and a heart that is ripe for healing.

This is not necessarily true of all of us, but whether aging has softened you, lit a fire of self-awareness, or a burning for connection- we get to a point where we are responsible for our own lives.

Growing up, we relied on our parents. Some of them did dashing jobs, whereas others may have got by doing the best they could for what they knew or could handle.


Your shadow career is a safety blanket but you have to learn to let it go if you want to follow your true calling

Steven Pressfield introduced me to the concept of a shadow career:

“Sometimes, when we’re terrified of embracing our true calling, we’ll pursue a shadow calling instead. The shadow career is a metaphor for our real career. Its shape is similar, its contours feel tantalizingly the same. But a shadow career entails no real risk. If we fail at a shadow career, the consequences are meaningless to us.”

Here are examples of shadow careers that may be relatable to some people:

  • An actor or director at heart decides on becoming an entertainment lawyer.
  • An aspiring author hides behind the daily grind…

A framework to bank your influencer currency without feeling corrupt

I credit my framework to growing up with brothers.

My brothers had a dark sense of humor to always compose jingles that sang to my insecurities.

Braceface, four eyes, cellulite thighs- I got them all.

I know they loved me, and strangely, these mocking hits never caused any mental damage.

Critique is what we open our worlds up to when we decide to slip into the dynamics of influencer marketing campaigns.

So, what are we addressing today?

I’m hoping to present you with a fresh perspective of how to handle your creative and business mindset as an influencer.

We’ll be…

Three surprising lessons from a hard knock

My husband and I had a dream of one day owning a farm in the mountains.

We were serious about the idea so before saving up for a farm, we decided to test the waters first.

Our plan to determine if our enthusiasm met our capabilities resulted in us deciding to volunteer as farm workers in Italy.

The first red flag was the evident language barrier.

Our proficiency was based on how well we completed tasks autonomously rather than what we communicated we were capable of doing.

We passed the first test of shoveling dung like champions, so when it…

Cutting through the mass of information to bring you the strategies you need to know

My husband often takes my camera and hilariously breaks into a typical influencer skit.

“Hey guys, let me show you my skincare routine… And now, let me show you my toilet…”

When it comes to starting on YouTube, this guide won’t teach you what to say.

It will however outline practical parts of the new YouTuber journey that is likely to place your videos in front of the right eyes.

In order to set your expectations, I would like to start off with a fact: I am not the YouTube algorithm whisper.

As much as people want to believe that…

An inside look at how the coworking environment increased my output as a creative

Author in the common area of a coworking space
Author in the common area of a coworking space

As an introvert, the work-from-home lifestyle seemed like my happily ever after.

However, I got to the point where my comfy clothes became too snug resulting in a reclassification from a tracksuit to a nap suit.

I then tried working from coffee shops. The lounge music and freshly ground beans formed the backdrop for what seemed to become two and a half hours of inspiration.

But, I am a one-woman show. This means that going to the bathroom is usually awkward because I don’t want to leave my laptop ripe for the picking.

Packing everything up and taking it to…

If you have the self-discipline to kick the habit, it’s totally worth it.

Collect your stones, and prepare your aim, because I still have YouTube.

It’s my job.

However, I have managed to delete Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Whatsapp.

I’m not here to preach about why social media is awful, because I may change my mind in the future- and that is perfectly ok.

I can only speak about where I am now, and how, after being free from the pull of the socials since the end of 2019, a fire was lit under the content creator I became in 2020.

Let me explain…

Mental Autonomy

I identified something truly awful about myself…

Who I am is more important than what I do.

I had a relatively safe job five years ago.

But, I’ll never forget the feeling of day-to-day self-abandonment.

Every day I dreamed of ways to work for myself, but I left them as dreams because of the ocean of softeners I swam in. I was giving up on myself to fit a mold that stereotypically came with my age and stage of life.

One day, a friend sent me a link to an interview on YouTube. I can’t remember who was being interviewed because the interviewer surprised me.

She balanced being interested in her guest, but also sharing interesting nuggets…

Three typical problems and how to solve them

The quest of finding clients opens up time for what I deem “healthy procrastination.”

To me, this means that I get to listen to a podcast in the background or occasionally stop working, when I feel my mind drifting, and then soak up some wisdom, by scanning a few pages of a book.

This space introduced me to Seth Godin’s work through an interview with Marie Forleo.

Every day, I would contact companies that seemed like they were a good fit, hoping that they would find what I have to offer as valuable.

One day, I had a marketing manager…

Surprising advice from a classic word-of-mouth campaign

He said it best:

“Get your ass where your heart wants to be.”

The idea that one book, published in 2002, with no marketing campaign, manages to remain in conversations even in 2021, speaks to the pearls of wisdom that must dance inside the pages of my favorite book I’ve never read: The War of Art.

The book was written by Steven Pressfield and has had Oprah, Marie Forleo, and Tim Ferris shout its praises.

By the way, It’s not like I haven’t tried to buy the book…

It’s just that not one book store in my country has it…

Marguerite Faure

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