One Item You Should Destroy Before Starting Your Business

It’s controversial, but you’re probably not the exception

Photo by Vadim Sadovski on Unsplash

#1 A credit card may remove humanity from decision making

At 24, I was offered sole distribution of a product I was a consumer of, and deeply wanted to showcase locally.

#2 A credit card could see you jump over hurdles that are not worth clearing the first time

My uncle shared valuable insight with me when he declined to loan me the money.

#3 A credit card could add the pressure of your business needing to work

If you’ve got to this part of the article, thank you for being open-minded because the marketing behind the perks of credit cards is one tornado of false positives. Well, you need to spend money to make money… I prefer spending time to make money. Sweat equity is my preferred investment.

Final Thoughts

My heart is that me sharing what life is like without a credit card, may either cause you to think differently or if you know someone who struggles with self-control, then maybe you will be able to share a new perspective with them.



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